Erchie Macpherson

“Erchie, My Droll Friend” is the title for a collection of humorous short stories written by the Scottish novelist and journalist Neil Munro.  First appearing in the Glasgow Evening News  a collection of 29 of the stories was published in 1904 and recounted the events and opinions in the life of Erchie Macpherson, a native of Glasgow who earned an honest living as a waiter and a church beadle. (A beadle in this context is the person who looks after the fabric of a church, stokes the boilers, cleans the building and carries the Bible into church.)


The cover of the 1st edition of Erchie, my droll friend.

My co-editor and I were amazed to find that Munro had written another 113 stories which had never appeared in book form – these cover the period from 1902 to the General Strike of 1926 and have Erchie reflecting in a humorous and pawky way on everything from Royal visits to Exhibitions, from the census to the First World War.  A delightful resource of light-hearted reading, which we have tried to complement with notes and introductory material to set the stories in their context and explains some of what now may be obscure references.

The “Hugh Foulis” on the title page above was the pen-name Munro adopted for his comic short fiction, to distinguish it from his historical novels and other writing.

Click the link before to go to the Amazon website where this book can be bought.

For more information on Neil Munro why not checkout the Neil Munro Society website

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