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Glasgow: a City at War

March 26, 2008

When Ronnie Armstrong and I were asked to write this book we were at first a little puzzled how to take the story beyond air-raids in the Second World War. However when we looked into the matter it became more of a problem to keep the material in check rather than finding enough.

In both World Wars Glasgow was a huge arsenal turning out weapons of war, and not just the ships that one might first think of.  Tanks were produced in large numbers, aircraft, guns and bombs all came out of Glasgow as did vast quantities of men and women for the forces.

We were able to assemble a wonderful collection of photographs to complement our text and would encourage you to look at this book if you have any interest in Glasgow – we are sure you will find much to interest you.

Click this image below and you will be taken to the website.  There are two editions of this book available – a hardback (ideal as a gift!) and a more economical paperback – both are the same format and identical text and pictures.