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The New Road

March 27, 2008
Neil Munro’s historical novel The New Road was first published in 1914 and John Buchan reviewed it in the Glasgow Herald -saying
It is a privilege to be allowed to express my humble admiration of what seems to me one of the finest romances written in our time. Mr Neil Munro is beyond question the foremost of living Scottish novelists…”
This tale of adventure and betrayal in the Highlands in the years between the two Jacobite risings stands comparison with Stevenson’s Kidnapped but despite this and the praise of Buchan and others it, and all Munro’s other novels, had gone out of print by the 1980s. I was fortunate enough to be able to persuade B&W to reprint this great Scottish novel and to be allowed to write an introduction to it. 

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That Vital Spark: a Neil Munro Anthology

March 26, 2008


Neil Munro [pictured above] is known to many as the author of the immortal Para Handy stories  – but he was much more than that.  A great historical novelist with works like The New Road to his credit he was also for most of his life a popular columnist on the Glasgow Evening News.  On his death in 1930 he was praised as a Highland historical novelist in the tradition of Scott and Stevenson. The idea of this anthology is to present as wide a selection of Munro’s writings as possible – poetry, criticism, travel writing, short fiction and also the surviving chapters of his unfinished novel The Search.

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