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Entertaining Dr Johnson:intro.

April 7, 2008

Bringing a friend home to meet your father can be a fairly stressful occasion, one that is made much worse if your relationship with your father is a difficult one and you just know that your friend and your father aren’t going to get on well.  The potential social embarrassment is made infinitely worse if the father in question is a distinguished Scottish judge with traditional attitudes and strong views and the friend is known for his notoriously anti-Scottish views.

James Boswell

This was the explosive situation that James Boswell, advocate and author, got himself into in 1773 when, at the end of his tour of the Highlands with Dr Samuel Johnson, he and Johnson arrived at his father’s Ayrshire home, Auchinleck House, to stay for six days.  James Boswell’s father, Alexander, who had the title of Lord Auchinleck from his position as a judge of the Court of Session, was sixty-six years old. James, who was now thirty-three, had been in more or less constant conflict with his father since his teenage years – a relationship not helped by Alexander re-marrying after the death of James’s much-loved mother.  Alexander thought that James was too fond of loose living and running off to London and should instead concentrate on his family responsibilities as a recently married husband, and as heir to Auchinleck, and on his career at the Scottish bar.

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The Sporting Scot

March 27, 2008
Scotland and sport – and yes, there is more than golf and football!  This anthology of Scottish writing on sport covers such at first sight unlikely sports as baseball and cricket – but then one of the classic accounts of an English village cricket match comes in the very Scottish A G Macdonell’s England, their England.The authors whose work is included in this anthology include Burns, Walter Scott, Arthur Conan Doyle, John Buchan, Neil Munro, Robin Jenkins and William McIlvanney and the sports include curling, angling, shinty and bowls as well as the various codes of football and, naturally, golf – that Royal and Ancient game so associated with Scotland.

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