About Brian Osborne


I live near Glasgow, Scotland and after a career in public libraries I decided to concentrate my time on writing books for other people to buy and borrow. My writing tends to deal with Scottish themes and focuses on history and biography with a special interest in ships and the sea.

A number of my books have been written in collaboration with Ronald Armstrong  – in particular we have worked on the short stories of Neil Munro. We do a two-man show based on Munro’s Para Handy stories and also his Erchie Macpherson stories.  We have done  these shows a couple of hundred times to groups, mostly around the West of Scotland, and we are always willing to discuss other bookings.  Contact me at brian@bdosborne.fsnet.co.uk

Most of the books mentioned in this blog can be obtained from any good bookshop – if you are lucky enough to have such an increasingly-rare thing near you. Otherwise they can be obtained from an on-line source such as Books from Scotland or Amazon.co.uk.   You will find direct links to Amazon at the foot of most book postings.

Click here for a link to my Author Page on Books from Scotland

One Response to “About Brian Osborne”

  1. larbi Says:

    i enjoyed reading your article about Harry Aubrey de Vere Maclean in Morocco and i am writing to ask if you have more articles about him..

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