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Jimmy Swan, the Joy Traveller

March 27, 2008

Neil Munro’s Para Handy stories are widely known and loved, his Erchie Mcpherson stories are also remembered but for some reason the third series of humorous sketches that Munro wrote for the Glasgow Evening News in the early 20th Century have been comparatively overlooked, although those who know them are aware of their very special qualities of gentle humour and real charm. Their central character, Jimmy Swan, is a commercial traveller for one of the great Glasgow drapery warehouses, and he travels round Scotland bringing the latest fashions to  small towns. However Jimmy is much more than a travelling salesman, he is a philosopher, friend and universal provider to all with whom he comes in contact.

Click on the image below to go to the where you can purchase this book, which comes complete with notes and introductory material.

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